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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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for highs today. and that's why holiday shoppers in the south bay were bundled up for bargain hunting as they headed into the miles. frost and flood warning still in effect for the second night in a row. . . overnight lows will be down to 25, 27 in livermore. san francisco looks warm, at 39. and if you are looking for a warming trend, there's one on the way, but that will be after the coldest night yet in the bay area. now, there's breaking news out of los angeles county that could be weather-related. one person is ted, several others hurt after a large tree fell on a wedding party. happened just before 5:00 in wittier, a little north of l.a.. emergency crews remain on the scene now. it isn't clear what caused the tree to come down, but they did get a hot of rain in the area yesterday. back here in the bay area thieves are looking for extra opportunities to swipe packages and mail in one east bay city, they're
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getting extra creative about it. new at 6, jackie smith is in -- where a postal impostor has been spotted. >> reporter: it's an issue plaguing many communities across the bay area, including pleasant hill. right here, a woman is allegedly driving around in a uspa truck, going up to mailboxes, and taking what's inside them. >> lately, it sees like it's happening more, but yes, it happens every christmas. >> reporter: with more people getting their holiday shopping done online these days, that means more packages are being delivered to door steps, creating more opportunities for thieves to steal your present. >> i've had a full packages stole here at pleasant hill. when i hear the mail guy, i show up, go out and retrieve it as fast as i can get it. so they lose, i win, simple as that. >> i'm couldn't of concerned about it. we've had neighbors across the street who lock their mailboxes. >> reporter: vicky hill has lived in this neighborhood for ten years, and
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said a lot of her neighbors have had their mail stolen, and she's been the victim of mail fraud. >> this neighborhood is very vulnerable to that, and i don't understand why, because a lot of people here are home during the day, and it just seems to happen even with people being at home. so people are very cloud cover, and thaw ear quiet. >> reporter: on lucinda lane, this is the neighborhood where the white usps truck was spotted the other day. neighbors are on alert, looking out for one another. it doesn't stop there. >> they'll wait for the truck leaves, and they steal the packages. >> reporter: loren works for ups, says, if you want to guarantee a safe delivery, it's best to pay an extra 4 or $5 to require a signature before the package can be dropped off. >> it's not me. >> reporter: the speak we spoke to say the police are aware of this issue.
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apparently they even have a picture of the woman driving around in this usps truck. we asked pleasant hill police to comment on this case, and they declined. jackie wort, kpix 5. there's a warning about a sudden spike in lsd use. a teen was hospitalized after eating a popsicle dipped in liquid lsd, and two days earlier, a watsonville man was arrested for assaulting two chp officers while allegedly high on the drug. last month, a 15-year-old boy allegedly took lst before stabbing his father and uncle. he was later shot to katie by a san the cruz sheriff's deputy. in the wake of oakland's ghost ship fire, the mayor is cracking down on converted warehouses. dawn lynn shows us another artistic community about to get the boot. >> reporter: the punk rock muse you can, the dancing, and the counter culture image, it's been an
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underground scene at this unassuming building in richmond's iron triangle for almost 20 years, but following the ghost ship tragedy, someone tipped off rich land mayor tom buck, who then alerted the fire inspectors, who then shut it down. >> they characterize it as being richmond's ghost ship. >> i have kids who live here. i would like for them to either do what you're supposed to do or leave. >> reporter: pete jenny cut his power, and building inspectors red-tagged the structure, saying it's unsafe >> a declaration of war against us, against the artistic community in general. >> reporter: this musician lives here with five other musicians. he owns the building, which was a former distribution warehouse and named the place burnt ramen. they host live concerts, but said they recently added exit son-in-laws, fire extinguishers, and alarms. >> we're approach nothing like the ghost ship. we actually care about people's
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safety. >> reporter: mayor buck says quite the opposite. he said inspectors found a per of safety violations. on top of that, the place opportunity have a business license, and is not permitted to host a con sort. >> . >> bothers me for someone to say, "artists are different." these are the rest of the world. they have to comply with the laws, but artists don't, because they're special. you know, i don't buy that. >> mayor bud has created a few more homeless people at the moment. i'm basically living in my van. >> reporter: inspectors say they'll release a list of violations next week. mikey says, if the violations are easy to correct, he'll bring the place up to code. if they're costly, then he'll abandon the building. in richmond, kpix 5. >> they plan to attend a city council meeting on tuesday to vent their frustrations. and a group of artists in oakland are determined to prevent another oakland
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warehouse tragedy, so they're handing out free fire extinguishers, exit signs, and smoke detectors to people in need. they gathered along magnolia street this morning. the event also offered fire safety demonstrations. one organizer says she wants artistic communities to thrive, but also to be safe. >> there's a lot of scrutiny around these spaces now as far as safety goes, and, yeah, we just want to keep -- keep our friends safe, keep our community safe, but also preserve these really precious spaces that, you know, they froster it art. they make our community what it is. >> bay city's -- donated 150 extinguishers to the event. the group was able to give away just about all of them. a south san francisco homeowner lost just about everything when his house want up in flames along with a couple of mint-condition have been taj cars in the garage. andrea boba is live with that story. andrea? >> reporter: julia, the
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firings behind me is only a block away from the home that went up in flames last night. the fire spread very quickly, so quickly and so fast, in fact, that the homeowner and his son -- from the flames. now, that fire began around 4:30 in the morning, flames you can see all around south san francisco. firefighters say the flames raced through the home's attic. twenty-five minutes into the fire fight, things became too dangerous, and crews had to move out of the home. >> we started seeing some signs of a ceiling compromise. at that point, we decided to make the call to pull them out. >> reporter: the fire also torched the home's garage, which had two plastic cars in it worth about $180,000. this was a complex fire fight for firefighters. typically a house fire doesn't take that listening to put out. this one took about an hour. live in south city, andrea
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borbuk, kpix 5. police are investigating daly city's first homicide in two years after an alleged domestic dispute turned deadly. officers were called to 18 fairview just after midnight, and that's where they found 23-year-old arian hami, suffering from blunt force injuries. she was taken to the hospital, where she died. her boyfriend, 23-year-old frederick ren was arrested at the scene. >> it's absolutely devastating. we're here two weeks before christmas. our victim is 23 years old. she was just starting her life. it's completely devastating for the family, community, and for our department. >> police don't know what led to the violence, but they are talking to neighbors about anything they might have seen or heard. well, a third man is behind bars tonight in an east bay homicide investigators say was motivated by hate. daniel ortega is being held without bail at the martinas detention facility on
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suspicion of murder. investigators believe he and two other white men attacked musician william sims outside a pool hall last month. that is where police found sims beaten and bleeding from a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. police are treating the case as a hate crime. police taking a radical new approach to dealing two the mentally ill. kate kogieren found out they are going to start bringing civilians along for back up. >> reporter: the palo alto police department will be the first agency to it is out the pilot program. it comes nearly a year after what you see on this police dash cam video. palo alto police shot and killed william raff on forest avenue. police say raff charged officers with a knife last year. raff's father told investigators his son was
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getting treatment for schizophrenia. police officers and first responders will be paired with mental health specialists so when officers get a call about a potentially mentally ill person, a clinician will help officers determine if that person needs to be referred to services instead of going to jail. the mental health specialist won't be armed, but they will be in the car. a representative with the county's behavioral health services says they hope to expand the pilot program, and have already gotten interest from the santa clara sheriff's department. kpix 5. millions of gallons of water down the drain all for a handful of home remodels. >> this water could be used for other purposes. >> tonight the bay area city that's about to make it a whole lot harder to expand your house. >> san francisco's loss might be sacramento's gain. the low-cost stackable housing that could soon be headed for the state capital instead. >> apparently they didn't stop to read the work
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order. tion- grabbing stree ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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marking is "stopping" southn california drivers -- for a the wrong reasons. take a l chino hills road crews misspelled "stop" on the street.. right underneath the correctly spd sign. social media has had t of fun with it.. so have people who've been "stopping" by to see it. 1: d at that social media has had a lot of fun with it, and so have people who have been depotting by to see it. >> i wouldn't be surprise if the mayor is -- [ laughter ]. >> "stpo." . >> the city's crews said the person who stenciled the mistalk on the road feels bad about it. one bay area city rolled out fresh red tape when
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it comes to a particular type of home renovation. new at 6 -- mara shows us how tweaking one teak could save millions of gallons of water every year. >> reporter: in the basement of central palo alto is about to get more complicate >> don: way before actual construction, they've got to figure out where the ground water table is. >> reporter: the palo alto committee voted to adopt a new series of restrictions, aimed at stopping blatant water waste like this. builders frequently pump water out of the ground and send it down storm drains when they dig underground to put in basements, as is often the case in home rebuilds, to maximize living space. the problem is much of palo alto sits just above an aquifer. officials say you don't have to dig deep to hit water. it's as shallow as 6 feet down, and most basements are about 15 feet down. this year palo alto estimates builders pumped 140 million gallons of water
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out of the aquifer, enough to fill more than 212 olympic-size swimming pools, all from just eight home rebuild projects. >> it is a complete waste, because this water could be used for other purposes. >> reporter: last summer, palo alto neighbors said, "enough," and the city want to work. the new restrictions, which could take effect next year, will require new building techniques. >> we install cut-off walls, and prevent the water from moving in. then we don't have to discharge nearly as much water. >> reporter: it auto's wall within a wall, and will add to the cost of construction by 10 to $15,000; but in neighborhood where is many homes sell for $5 million, city officials say the costs should be manageable in palo alto, lan remitus. new storms could trigger water fight in california. drought relief legislation, just suited by president obama, says the federal portion
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of the state's water system has to deliver the biggest possible share to shoe man users. that conflicts with other orders to keep water in rivers for fish. so farmers may fight with conservationists and pushing interests over what the new law really means. a new low-cost housing option originally slated for san francisco could be headed for capital instead. . >> has mirrors on the side. >> reporter: rhett harris holds a miniature model of the housing he hopes to bring to san francisco. >> what it is is an engineered steel shell. >> reporter: inside this 160- square-foot steel box, a bathroom, a closet, a kitchen, and a bed. >> when i walked in this thing with four other people, it actually felt very comfortable. >> reporter: the units are stackable and movable. these are photos of a life-size
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model, designed by a san francisco based company, panoramic interests >> the beauty of this is, if we do it quickly, if we try to develop a regular housing development, that process takes a couple years. >> reporter: harris says he wants 200 of these units in sacramento. >> we could work out arrangements with other landholders. >> reporter: a creative approach to sacramento's homeless crisis. >> it's conceivable we can get this thing rolling in 2017. >> now, the company's owner originally proposeed the units for san francisco, leasing at $1,000 a month, but that deal has stalled. there's a new police for artists to come together in san jose. it's called local color p. former roth store was transformed into a pop-up art space. it features a retail shop and public mural. system of the store's former shoe racks now make up individual art cities. the recent ghost ship fire has left many people concerned over artist enclaves,
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but the project director said the building is up to code. >> the ghost ship fire was such a tragedy and such a loss to the artistic community in the bay area, that i feel a renewed sense of responsibility to be able to help artists create in a safe -- safe environment. >> the building is open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day. the project director says they hope to soon have live music at night. it is going to be a cold night in the bay area. we have done half our job here. cold weather alerts are posted until sunrise tomorrow morning, temperatures dipping down in the 20s in parts of the bay area. so no surprise, cold weather alerts are posted inland. they have hard freeze advisories in break valley, the altamont pass in the central valley. you think it's cold here? could be in the teens in central valley. here, 20s. be careful with the plants and pets. it will be freezing out there. 25 degrees for an overnight low. in framont down to 30s.
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vallejo 31. napa, 30 degrees. sun up at 7:20:00 a.m. doesn't look bad at all. the coldest night in this little cold snap will be tonight, as high pressure is well to the west, and low pressure well to the east. not much in the way of winds. as we look -- concord, 43 degrees. oakland has 47 now. san francisco has dipped to 47. and in santa rosa, december tinned for an overnight low in the mid-20s, right now it's at 42 degrees. dry air, though. doesn't look like there will be much fog. not much in the way of clouds tomorrow. this is o'about 40 minutes after sunrise tomorrow morning. and 8:00 a.m., it will be severely clear. so plenty of blue around the bay area for the entire day tomorrow. so while we're going to be looking for temperatures to remain on the cold side, we'll be in the low 50s tomorrow. going to be nice, nice and sunny. just that this is the time of the year where you get sun. it's not warming things up much. big chill tonight. lows in the 20s and the coldest
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spots around the bay area. slight warming, though, tomorrow through wednesday, and on the subject of slight, that's with the shower chances by early thursday in the north bay. aside from that, it just looks -- there's the ice rink in san francisco. 50 degrees tomorrow with sun, about the same at union square. do you ice-skate? . >> that would be, yeah, no. >> you'd give it a -- you'd give it the old college try. travel weather headed out of it bay area, you will find sun. it will be chilly here, temperatures in the low 50s for the most part in the bay area. in san francisco, 52. same for san jose, concord 51 tomorrow. extended forecast, we're going to be going with plenty of sun sunday through wednesday with temperatures not doing much better than the 50s. but by wednesday, we'll be back to near 60 inland. looks like an absolute hot spell by midweek. thursday, that slight chance
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coming in. by the weekend, we'll have partly cloudy skies, but nothing like the cold that we've had the past couple of nights, and nothing like the wet weather we had couple of days ago. so a nice week ahead. julia? it's not just bargain hunters hitting the mall this could woo. one bay area police department is as well. they're shopping for new recruits. >> the 49ers will be without a key weapon on offense in atlanta. >> and in college hoops, santa clara lets a huge lead slip away. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today is super saturday: the biggest holiday shopping da the year. kpix5's maria medina bravede crowds at the oak-ridge mal san jose... to go on the hunt with shoppers for that last-minu gift: ((nats of caroling @ 10050)) . >> reporter: it's eight days before christmas respect that means it's time to get down to business. >> buying for my three daughter and my mother-in-law. >> for my daughter. >> reporter: among the last- minute shoppers is josh what orcini, who bought a gift for a coworker that he couldn't show me. but tina ramirez, a much different story. >> oh, and my future son-in- law, i got him a really nice tommy back ham ma shirt. >> reporter: almost everyone we asked told us what they bought while they were
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here. >> pjs and boots and slippers. >> reporter: so i asked, what do you think is the hottest gift this year? >> the hottest gift? >> reporter: yeah. >> that's a tough one. >> reporter: no one could say, but it seemed clothes and more clothes were the deals of the day. >> fifty percent off, additional 20, 30. >> reporter: let's not forget today is known as super saturday, the busiest shopping day of the holiday season. >> parking is atrocious. you're out there like a shark. >> reporter: but every person here has a reason: on the hunt for the perfect gift, and sometimes, for tina stargio, holiday shopping isn't swift. tis the season for last-minute shopping, gift giving and, of course, a little bit of caroling.
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. kpux 5. san jose police -- the department is hoping to ease its staffing crisis after voters approved restoring pension and benefits for city workers in november. the east ridge and oak ridge miles were part of the strategy to get the right people in blue. >> because they grew up here, they live here. they know the inside and out, and what better people to be able to police our own community? . >> for those who didn't get to the mall, the department wants to get the word out, if they want to join the force, now is a good time to do it. sports is up. >> we've got some football coming up tomorrow. >> the play offs are obviously out of the question for the 49ers. the question for them is whether they can even pick up one more win or fin tissue year 1-15, which would be the worst record in franchise history. smith was knocked out and
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suffered a concussion on this play last week against the jets. the play, smith says he has zero memory of. >> in the car on the way back. pretty scary, but things are better. >> you were pretty emotional when you went off the field. >> i have no clue. >> your wife told you -- >> i was crying, how frustrated i was. i don't remember anything. to college hoops now, jarod brown in santa clara visiting washington state. brown ridge down deep, giving the broncos a 56-48 lead. they led with under 7 minutes to go. with 90 seconds left, and the cougars, charles callaton drives in. washington state finishes the game on a 14-2 run as they win 69-68.
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john calapieri meeting roy williams, north carolina in vegas. tide at 98 in the final minute. dustin jackson drives in for the lay up, and he gets the foul. he misses the strike. 20 seconds left, wildcats freshman willie monk having a game. buries the 3 to give uk the lead. monk finished with 47 points. kentucky wins it thriller 103- 100. coming up, we will have more on the raiders. >> yes. another good one, huh? . >> they can clinch a play off tonight against the portland trail blazers. >> okay. as a winter storm slams the r midwest. and godspeed, john glenn. t final sendoff.. for an amer space hero. our top stories tonight: >> the final send off for an american space hero is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a punk-rock music house in richmond is shut down tonig after it was red tagged for numerous safety violations. people were living in the building, known as "burnt ramen." however, fire offic say they won't be allowed bk until the violations are corrected. this comes amid a crackdown on converted warehouses in thee of oakland's "ghost ship fi" in south san francisco: investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fe that burned a home to the ground.. and torched a coupf classic cars in the garage. it broke out around 5 a.m. all four people in the house made it out.. but one suffed minor injuries. n the out broke out around 5:00 a.m. all four people in the house made it out, but one suffered minor injuries. the car that burned in the garage were worth nearly $200,000. >> a new twist on mail theft.
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people in pleasant hills say they've seen a woman driving around in a fake u.s. mail truck, taking things out of mailboxes. sometimes the crooks even follow delivery trucks right to the door. it could be worth paying a little extra to require a signature before a drop off. >> the northeast and most of the midwest are getting pummeled by winter weather tonight. slick roads are causing big problems for travel ahead of the holidays. as wendy gillette reports, it's patrolly not going to let up anytime soon. . >> reporter: a witness captured the destruction when a tanker filled with gas overturned and burst into flames. >> i'm going right into the fire. >> reporter: -- on i-95 and baltimore early saturday. >> stop, stop. >> reporter: the tanker tumbled over an embankment. police say there were many more accidents on the same iced-over stretch of highway, involving 67 cars and trucks. >> i've never seen anything of
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this large scale, magnitude of crashes. >> reporter: the northbound side of it busy interstate was closed into saturday evening. the huge storm system brought half a foot of snow to central michigan. >> i think we're going to get a lot of snow this winter. it's a matter of just clearing everything out real good so we have room for the rest of it to come. >> reporter: as well as minneapolis. but the bigger threat there is the cold. temperatures dropping to minus 20. the lowest it's been in december in 16 years. >> we live in minnesota, and we had a beautiful fall. win theer was about to come at some time. >> reporter: several inches of snow fell in new york city, but it won't be here for listening. the temperature is predicted to hit almost 60 degrees on sunday. that's not the case in parts of the midwest and southeast, still under the back end of the system. icy roads and snow are possible through the weekend. . conditions across the country caused more than 2,000 flight cancellations today, but so far no
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major problems reported out of any bay area airport. today hundreds of mourners turned out in ohio to remember space pioneer and former senator john glenn. . >> a marine honor guard marched in front of a hearse carrying glenn's casket through the streets of columbus. a memorial service followed at ohio state university with about 2,500 people gathered inside an auditorium. vice president joe biden was among the speakers at the service. back on february 20th, 1962, john glenn became an instant celebrity as first man to orbit the earth in a nail biter of a flight that kept the world trance fixed and made him a superhero. here he is in his return to space mission in 198. later he represented ohio in the u.s. senate for 24 years. he was 77 when he flew aboard the space shuttle, becomeing the oldest person ever to travel in space. glenn died earlier this month at the age of 95. he'll be buried next spring in a private ceremony at
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arlington national creme tarry. today that cemetery is one of many where volunteers marked wreaths across america day. the tradition started at arlington in 1992, and it's grown to include hundreds of cemeteries across the country. today some 25,000 volunteers took part -- placed wreaths on headstones, and said each soldier's name out loud. president elect donald trump made one last victory lap today on his postelection thank you tour, addressing a crowd of 40,000 taste in mobile, al. he reinforced his stance on immigration. . >> do not worry, we are going to build the wall. okay? don't worry. don't even think about it. >> the president elect also mentioned he is also going to focus on taking better care of veterans. this was his final stop of his tour. >> kelly ann conway tells cnn
6:35 pm
the future president will choose south carolina congressman nick mulvany to be the white house budget director. trump says he is a high-energy leader that knows how to responsibly manage our nation's finances. . mr. trump and his family will spent the this woulds at his mar lago estate. . then they will paying their tribute to the lives lost at pearl hard lower. new video appears to show syrian civilians fleeing under fire during what was supposed to be a temporary cease fire. . civilians started climbing out of the rubble.
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at least 4,000 people made it out before the gunfire started up again. workers had to pull out. thousands more were left behind, and are taking shelter in bombed-out buildings a. surgeon whose method was to save choking victims made him a household name has died. dr. henry heimlich devised his life-saving maneuver in 1974. it's credit for saving thousands of lives in the u.s. alone. dr. heimlich died early this morning after suffering a heart attack earlier in the week. he was 96-year-old. pope francis is celebrating -- he offered them sweets for his native country, argentina. afterward the pope held mass. he spoke about old age, calling it an ugly and scary word, asking for prayers. the pope has received more than 70,000 e-mails messages wishing him a happy birthday. that includes telephone calls
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and telegrams from world leaders. young bay area scientists landing physically challenged kids a helping hand. >> the 3-d printing program that's giving these new children independence free of charge. >> and the bay area has a brand- new vending machine that gives free gifts. tonight we'll tell you where it is and what you can get. ,, (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models.
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right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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the feds have extended the deadline to apply for a plan through healthcare-dot- govo midnight on monday. the obama administration hopes to sign up 13-point-8 million people for 2017. you also shouldn't waste any time getti the i'm summation hopes to sign 13.8 million people for 2017. you also shouldn't waste any time getting your christmas cards out. monday's expected to be the busiest mailing day of the year for letters, cards, and holiday packages. the postal service expects to deliver 3 quarters of a billion packages this season, and that is up 12% from last year. >> and the postoffice isn't the only place that will
6:40 pm
be crowded next week. chris martinez reports nearly one-third of nation will be on the road. >> reporter: mishu sanchez will soon this leaving town for the holidays. while she's looking forward to spending christmas with her family, the trip from california to florida isn't so inviting. >> yeah, yeah -- through the holidays. never fun. >> reporter: triple a predicts holiday travel this year to be the highest on record with more than 103 million people expected to be in transit between christmas eve and january 2nd. that's 1.5 million more than last year thanks in part to a stronger economy. >> we see that consumers are spending more. there's an up tick in wages towards it tailnd of the year, and also we see that gas prices are still fairly low. >> reporter: triple a says 016 will mark the 8th conning istive year of year end holiday travel growth, both on the ground and in the air. it's predicted more than 6
6:41 pm
million travelers will take to the skies to reach their destination. the highest volume for air travel in more than ten years. but highways will see the overwhelming majority of holiday traffic. more than 93 million people are expected to travel by car. >> los angeles, nevada; orlando, florida, are top destinations. >> reporter: sanchez is among those travelers heading to the airport next week. >> i'm sure it's going to be miserable. >> reporter: travel misery this year will have plenty of company. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. one bay area airport is offering holiday travelers a pretty cool perk: a brand-new vending machine that gives out free stuff. you can find the project by travel trolley as in wi-fi inside the airport in santa fa. you can get charging cables, sleep masks, even sox, basically stuff for traveling. but the catch is, you have to
6:42 pm
be a goggle fi subscribeer, and you can only get one free item every 24 hours. >> okay. a curious bay area bobcat is going viral on instagram tonight, but photographer who got this incredible shot was actually looking for something else. >> looks too good to be true. so does this. and it is too good to be true. it is cold out there tonight. frigid overnight. temperatures, we'll tell you how low we'll go after the break. >> and in sports, one player runs his way into the college football history book. >> and as for the raiders, what a difference a week makes. the silver and blacks are in sunny san diego, trying to stay in the hunt for the afc west division title. clothes and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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people had donated the item the mountain view police department and elsewhere. tn today... children and their parents came to a community center to choose their gift and some kids who got free f in previous years volunteer. to help lead the newcomers. "they absolutely love it. in fact, we have kids in september w have been through our progr who are already asking us tt on the waiting list to be ae by walking ki some kids who got free things in previous years, they volunteered this year to lead the newcomers. >> they absolutely love it. we have kids in september who have been through our programs who are already asking us to be on the waiting list to be able to give back to the community by walking kids through this, and they're often working 12 hours for free for us. a bay area bobcat is is a rising instagram star tonight after taking one of the
6:46 pm
coolest selfies we've ever seen. check this out a. nat geo photographer got this shot. in one, he spotted a cat wand, up to the camera. believe it or not, this wasn't the shot that he wanted. he was actually looking for a mountain lion. >> delete that picture. >> immediately. that's wonderful. >> remarkable shot. as we've got -- i would suggest it's not a selfie, because the bobcat would have to take the picture himself. >> exactly. change the term. >> glad we clarified. got flood warnings popessed over parts of the bay area. our flood warning is in the central valley tonight for temperatures plummeting into the 20s a. cold one with overnight lows reaching 25 tonight. santa fe will get down to 02 degrees, concord 26. cold night. in fact, the coldest of it past couple nights will be tonight with high pressure well offshore, that low pressure that caused the
6:47 pm
hullabaloo on thursday in the bay area now well out in the mid-est. so for us, as we -- numbers already down to 43 in concord, and 42 in santa rosa. future cast shows nothing but cerulean blue skies. going to be just lovely. it's the time of the year when the sun doesn't do much to warm us up. we'll be on the cool side for day-time highs. low will be in 20s in the cold spots. warming tomorrow through wednesday. by wednesday, we'll be back to 60 degrees unland. the next time we get a slight shower chance coming into north bay on thursday, but it looks slight. northern 3rd of the state, sun tomorrow, temperatures mostly in the 50s except in the mountains. high temperature tomorrow will be mostly in the 50s, except fairfield and livermore. and in the extended forecast, we'll be looking for sun sunday through wednesday. temperatures gently warm. overnight lows, as we have already reviewed, next chance of showers on thursday,
6:48 pm
but not much. and then partly cloudy skies friday and saturday. nice, if chilly week ahead. so let's warm up by chatting with andrea. >> let's start with football. on the national stage, the raiders dropped the key division game last weekend in kansas city. this weekend, more favorable conditions a. match up with the chargers with temps in the mid-60s in san diego, and that's where we find vern glenn. varn. >> reporter: all right, andrea. it's san diego. it's wind, and they're in. the chargers are all that stands in the way of the race, punching its ticket to dare i say the "p" word? play offs. what a difference two years makes. when karl was a rookie, the raiders here hit rock bottom. >> starting 0-10 was not fun. you know, it makes these moments so awesome. you know, it makes these moments rally cool to already have 10 wins. i know, for our team, our sole
6:49 pm
focus is beating the chargers, because if we don't, then we're still sitting there, you know, hoping and wishing. >> reporter: if the raiders can win tomorrow, coach jack del rio says don't expect any big locker-room celebrations. >> we're not going to, like, lay around and bathe in the adulateon of a win. you know, "look how good this is." . >> reporter: even with a chance to accomplish something this team hasn't done in 14 years. the players on most seasons, here come the cliches. >> another week we need to do what we need to do, take care of business. >> we're next game up mentality. we're putting the last game behind us. >> it all comes down to winning games and one game at a time. >> we can't look past these other games coming up. we got to take them very seriously. >> reporter: andrea, chargers, dangerous? you bet. turnovers, most in the league. is the difference between them being 8-5 instead of 5-8. only favored by a field
6:50 pm
goal. in san diego, varn glenn, kpix 5. >> thanks, varn. got to love those cliches. to high school football, san mateo taking on southern cal in the division 2- a state championship. leki nun scores on the run, giving the padres it lead. 3 minutes left in the game. canyon up by 2. the trail blazers, bobby core scored to make it a 2-score game. canyon won on to win this one, 42-40 their 2nd state title. donna hum friday and san diego state facing houston. hum friday came into the game only 108 yards shy of setting the record for career rushing yards. early in the 4th, hum friday needs 11 yards to
6:51 pm
break the record. he gets 15. san diego state won 34-10. after the game, hum friday got to share the special moment with his dad. >> they all talked about his size. look at him. he has tam mates that back him up 100%. good kid all the way around. excellent all the way through. , and i thank you. >> the raiders will play on kpix 5 tomorrow. tune in if you can. >> yeah. and looks like the weatherer is nice as well. yeah. pretty nice the san diego. >> all right. thank you. and still to come, the unique bay area bio medical program where students
6:52 pm
are getting physically challenged kids a helping hand. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
combing your hair. feeding yourself. they're things mof us do without thinking twic but sharon chin shows us: se bay area children are doing these things by themselves r the first time.. thanks to a unique program giving them a "helping hand 9 year old cece has transvee itch your nose. >> reporter: nine-year-old stacy has transfer mylitis, a poll owe-like illness. her occupational therapist said sia needs help lifting her arms >> she was reliant on everyone else to wipe her
6:55 pm
nose, feed her, give her a drink of water, scratch her face. >> reporter: . >> reporter: now stacy will get more independent from a device called an xo arm. >> itch my nose. >> . >> reporter: tracy's xo arm, created by olga criseva, a student at a unique biomedical program. >> to essentially use something that i'm passionate about to help another person, it's a fantastic opportunity. >> reporter: instructor oxana panchekem started the program two years ago at foothill community college in los alto hills. today students are getting the kind of training usually not seen until graduate school. >> if they're working on something hands on that relates them to helping people. >> reporter: the students have created and distributed 200 adaptive hand else so physically challenged kids can grip items like a toothbrush. >> it will hold her arm up. >> reporter: the biomedical program customizes devices for kids, like four-
6:56 pm
year-old sofia. she was born with a muscular skeletal condition where her joints get stuck. >> there are rubber bands that will aattach that will assist her to bend her arm. >> reporter: to help sofia's arm bend a member of the biomedical team tailors it arm with input from her occupational therapist. >> push it in this way. >> reporter: these are examples of the xo arm. it takes 15 to 20 hours to print one of them. they're generated on 3-d printers. the equipment funded by grants and donations so the children get their one-of-a- kind devices for free. it beats the alternative: expensive one-size-fits-all arm supports. >> they're bigger, bulky, made out of metal. >> reporter: five-year-old noel guyasa has been using the light-weight xo arm for a year. >> what do you like to grab? . >> . >> reporter: and the biomedical program hops to
6:57 pm
give more children a helping hand. sharon chin, kpex 5. >> the biomedical program has a few other projects in the works, including making a wheelchair for a paralyzed dog. smiles a worth a million bucks, aren't they? thanks so much for watching. see you back here at 11:00. >> and for news throughout this cold evening, the latest on >> i heard "bundle up. going to be chilly." . >> see you at 11. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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